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College Furniture Essentials

Budget-friendly furniture perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and campus housing

gray futon

Whether it's a dorm, an apartment, or a house, finding affordable and stylish furniture that fits in your college home can be a struggle. From futons for friends who want to crash at your place, to simple desks for studying and homework, review our guide below for essential college furniture at college-friendly prices. Geared towards sleep, study, and storage, with a few accessories thrown in for fun, you can find everything you need for your college lifestyle.


Futons under $500

This multifunctional seating/sleeping option is a staple for college bedrooms and shared roommate spaces. Futons typically fit well under lofted dorm room beds, and transition from a sofa for watching TV and playing video games to a simple bed for friends that need to crash for the night.

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gray sofa

Sofas under $500

A sofa is essential for creating a great hangout space in a campus house or apartment living room. Take the fabric into consideration: microfiber is easy-to-clean and really durable. Or to keep things easy, look for sofas in darker colors like brown or dark gray to mask spills.

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industrial dinette

Dinettes under $400

Dinettes aren’t necessary for most dorm rooms, but can be a versatile solution for many campus homes and apartments, especially when you want to make your home feel a little more adult. A dinette is a smaller table and chair set, usually with no more than four chairs. Use the table for roomie dinners, a shared study space, or just a spot to throw things on.

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Metal and Wood Desk

Desks under $300

Whether or not you actually use it to study, a desk is a great option for your bedroom or a shared space with roommates. Table desks or writing desks are simple and sleek, providing ample workspace for books and a laptop, without looking too bulky in your room.

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platform bed

Full size beds and mattresses

Upgrade your twin mattress when you get out of the dorms with a full size bed and mattress. Find a low-profile bed for a more modern look, and then add a comfortable mattress to ensure quality sleep (when you aren’t pulling all-nighters).

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rustic chest

Chests under $350

Tall chests are the perfect clothing storage solution if you don’t have a lot of closet space or have a small bedroom. The tall design takes up less floor space than a dresser, while still offering plenty of drawer space to store clothing and accessories.

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Show your personality with Accessories

boat painting

Wall Art Under $200

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gray rug

Rugs Under $200

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blue table lamp

Lamps Under $200

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